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eLearning Forum Asia (eLFA) has come a long way with its root dated back to Year 2006 when its inaugural conference was first held at City University in Hong Kong. Twelve years had passed, each year witnessing yet another hallmark of quality eLearning annual conference organised by the participating countries.


Since its inception, eLFA has been garnering strong support from educational institutions, business partners, eLearning practitioners, ICT experts, faculty and even students from the region and internationally to meet annually and share best practices in teaching and learning.


At this juncture, we would like to invite you to submit applications for the following eLFA awards. Our objective of setting up these awards is to formally recognise and reward exemplary practices among the eLearning communities to further enhance sharing of experiences.


Applications are closed since 19 Apr 2019.

Community Outreach Award

The Community Outreach and Inclusivity Award is for organisations and individuals demonstrating unwavering passion with their outreach to the less fortunate and disadvantaged through the use of technology and community services to improve the quality of education.

Exemplary Teaching and Learning Award

The eLFA Exemplary Teaching and Learning Award is for institutions or individuals championing best practices in effective use of pedagogically driven technology for teaching and learning.

Technology Innovation Award

The eLFA Technology Innovation Award is for organisations or institutions driving excellence through innovation and effective use of technology in education.

Important Notes

  1. Please take note that the submission deadline is 19 Apr 2019.
  2. You may submit more than one application in a particular award category but each application has to be an unique project, initiative or best practice by your institution/organisation.
  3. You may choose to participate in multiple award categories.
  4. Please be informed that the award recipients are required to attend the eLFA Awards Presentation Ceremony in person to receive the awards. The ceremony will be held during the conference dinner and award recipients are welcome to submit papers and participate at eLFA 2019 conference event. Please refer to eLFA 2019 website (http://elfasia.org/2019) for more information on conference registration and paper submission.